Artist Bio

Brian Van de WeteringBrian Van de Wetering is a fine art photographer living and working in Southern California. He was born and raised in San Diego, California. At the age of ten, Brian’s father gave him his first hammer and tool belt. Together, with the help of a how-to book, they spent the summer building a deck in the backyard. This experience gave him confidence in his creative power: a sense that, with determination and no fear of failure, he can create whatever his mind imagines. This creative urge has taken him in many directions, fueling endeavors in cooking, music, theater, design, and photography.

Brian’s interest in photography grew in fits and starts. When he was a young boy, he had a Kodak Instamatic and took photos at family events. But it wasn’t until he appropriated his father’s Olympus OM-1 in high school that he began seeing the artistic possibilities in the captured image. But film was expensive for a young man and money often went to other forms of entertainment. After college, a career in software development kept the wolves from the door while playing in a punk band provided an artistic outlet. Photography was mostly in the background.

In 2010, success in the Anza Borrego Foundation’s annual Desert Photo Contest rekindled Brian’s photographic passion. His photographic adventure continues to take him in new and exciting directions including light painting, medium format film, toy cameras, home-built cameras, and mobile phone photography. Ongoing projects and interests include self portraiture, desert landscapes, constructed image, and conceptual work. In recent years, Brian has had work in numerous juried group exhibitions around the United States and he continues to play in the Irish punk band he helped found more than 20 years ago.