Juggling Fire & Light

This series is a collaboration with professional juggler Jack Kalvan. We’ve experimented with various lighted objects including torches, LED rings and juggling pins illuminated with black light. We’ve also incorporated projected video feedback into our sessions. These sessions are so dynamic. Jack juggles, I open and close the shutter;  only when I pour over the pictures later do I start to see images emerging. In some images the juggler is clearly visible interacting with the forms. In others, the juggler disappears completely leaving disconnected abstracts. Like my other work with long exposures, I’m fascinated by the visual evidence of events in the time between the opening and closing of the shutter.


color-cascade-1.jpgcolor-cascade-2.jpgcolor-cascade-3.jpgcolor-cascade-4.jpgfire-dancer-1.jpgfire-dancer-2.jpgJack conjures the fire spritefire-sprite-conjurer-3.jpgfire-sprite-descending.jpgglowing-pins-1.jpgglowing-pins-2.jpgglowing-pins-3.jpg