Narcissistic Tendencies

In Greek mythology Narcissus, in retribution for breaking the heart of Echo, is lured by Nemesis to a pool where he falls in love with his own reflection. Unable to tear himself away, he eventually dies.

While exploring the capabilities of my newly acquired smart phone, I was struck by the similarity between the front-facing camera and Narcissus’s pool. As it lay flat on the table, it seemed that I was looking down on my own reflection. Indeed the very notion of a front-facing camera seems to invoke the central warning of the Narcissus myth.

Will these smart phones and the social networks they connect us to and our ensuing obsession with the importance of our own minute daily activities lead us down Narcissus’s path? Or will we be able to tear ourselves away and maintain genuine, face-to-face relationships?

This self portrait series is a light-hearted reaction to these musings. Taken with the front-facing camera pointing straight up, these photos have forced me to change my perspective as a photographer and pay attention to what appears directly over my head.