Under Glass

“Under Glass” is the working title for new work in progress influenced by science, microscopy, and my interest in the surrealist painters of the early 20th century. The work employs a camera-less photographic technique called lumen printing. I create my images by painstakingly arranging various botanical objects, flowers, leaves, seeds, vegetables, whole or in cross-section, on photographic paper and exposing them to direct sunlight. I combine techniques of lumen printing and chemigrams to create the initial image. Scanning, digital enhancement, and inkjet printing create the final works. My process requires experimentation and often yields unexpected results. Zooming in on a high resolution scan yields astonishing detail and exploring a single exposure can yield multiple new compositions. This uncertainty is part of the adventure and makes this artistic practice a journey of discovery as well as creation. Please check back here from time to time as I post new images and the work evolves.